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Elevate your food game with the all new Waldorf and Blue Seal Evolution Electric range

Experience the evolution and start your electric journey now!

Our advanced electric models offer power and functionalities. Begin your electric cooking journey with our latest range today.

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waldrof blue seal evolution electric seal hob

Merrychef conneX - the next generation high-speed ovens are here

Introducing the new talent for your kitchen

Need to speed up service time and shorten your takeaway queue? Let Moffat show you one of the most compact high-speed ovens on the market, the Merrychef conneX range.

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the new merrychef connex speed oven range

Working together in healthcare dining room meal service

Creating a great dining experience for yur residents

Looking to keep your residents engaged and active in their community? As healthcare meal service is constantly evolving, read on to find out how SDX Thermobox and Burlodge can help create a great dining experience for your residents.

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sdx thermobox and burlodge multigen

Total Bakery Solution - all the quality baking equipment you need.

Future-proof your bakery today!

Looking to future-proof your bakery? Moffat got you. Be it setting up a new one or expanding an existing one, we can help you do it better and do it for less!

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