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Bear Planetary Mixers

BEAR by Varimixer

Producing Robust Mixers for 100 Years

BEAR Varimixers are built to last, easy to clean and are the most user-friendly ergonomic mixers in the market. With loyal customers, such as McDonalds and Krispy Kreme, you can’t go wrong with a Bear Varimixer.

BEAR Planetary Mixers by Varimixer

Varimixer has been producing robust mixers for almost 100 years.

The secret to their success is innovation, being the first to introduce bowl scrapers, computerised controls, ergonomic bowl lift and clamping, bowl truck handles, powder coating finishes and the first to introduce variable speed.

The cost of ownership is minimal compared to other mixers because with few moving parts, there is less maintenance.

Their attachments are also more structured and durable, leading to greater longevity and less downtime.

Planetary Mixers

Varimixer BEAR commercial planetary mixers are rugged, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain. The proven variable speed transmission gives plenty of torque at the beater shaft for maximum batch sizes.

BEAR mixers are popular in bakeries, restaurants, delis, catering businesses, hospitals, schools and government agencies.

The floor standing models have unrivalled capacity with a welded feet and a top traverse closed by a stainless steel cover. The ERGO mixers are ergonomically designed, eliminating the need to lift heavy bowls – just wheel into place and the mixer lifts the bowl automatically.

Strong as a bear is not just a slogan, it reflects the size and strength of all Varimixer components which have been thoroughly tested and require minimal maintenance.

Choose from a variety of commercial volumes and a large range of accessories.