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Merrychef Speed Ovens

A new meaning of fast food

Increase your turnover with great food fast at the touch of an icon.

Merrychef eikon’s high speed cook oven range is the oven platform for cooking professionals to anyone, anytime or place.

Merrychef oven

Merrychef eikon’s range of high speed cook oven is for the oven platform for cooking professionals to anyone, anytime and at any place.

Since the 1950’s Merrychef is now one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of advanced cooking products – its focus to provide commercial ovens in order to reduce meal preparation times, cut down on waste, improve food quality and increase the profits of our customers.

An appliance to suit all tastes

The eikon range of high speed cook ovens boasting ultra-short cooking times and ultra-high energy efficiency and very easy to use with the easyTouch touchscreen interface. Perfect for any food service operators from quick service restaurants, café and bistros, kiosks, snack bars to service stations, hotels and restaurants, there is a model within the eikon range to suit.

By choosing the Merrychef’s range increases speed, service, quality and freshness of your menu items with faster cooking times in comparison to traditional cooking methods. Using a combination of microwave and hot air impingement / planar plumes - this enables you to open up completely new opportunities to provide exceptional dishes in ‘fast food’ times, all cooked to order.

Enhance customer experience for both staff and customers without compromising on quality as the eikon speed cook oven has been designed to deliver restaurant-quality food in ‘fast food’ times.

The best part is the ultra-simple operation of the icon-driven menu – ensuring consistent quality regardless of who prepares it. Precise power levels to cook the most delicate products from paninis, pizzas, wraps, toasted sandwiches to muffins, breakfast pastries, baked potatoes.


High Speed Cook Oven – e1s

Up to 12 x times faster than a convectional oven

  • eikon® e1s: fish & chips, pizza, bagel, samosa, omelette, croissant

Rapid Cooking Speed Cook Ovens – e2s, e4, e4s

Express preparation more than 15 x faster, crispy and hot

  • eikon® e2s: paninis, pizza slices, toasted Subs in quick service restaurants or kiosks
  • eikon® e4, e4s: pizza, breads or chicken wings in pubs, restaurants, snack bars, service stations, quick service

Advanced Cooking - e3 & e5

Up to 5 x faster

  • eikon® e3: tasty convenience food or snacks in shops, bakeries, small restaurants, or snack stands
  • eikon® e5: from high quality steaks and pies to batches of jacket potatoes and sh dishes, in larger restaurants and snack bars, pubs, bars, hotels, canteens/food counters or for caterers

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The benefits

Easy to use

  • Pictorial easyTouch® screen technology
  • MenuConnect® software enables instant USB menu updates
  • Monitored filter design for ease of daily maintenance

Guaranteed perfect results every time

  • Precise power levels to cook the most delicate products
  • Programmes downloaded across multiple outlets via USB memory stick

Reduced queuing and service times

  • Increase speed, service, quality and freshness
  • Four heating technologies (convected heat, Planar Plumes, impingement air and microwave energy)
  • Faster cooking times than traditional cooking methods

Improved safety

  • The cool-to-touch high speed oven means food heats quickly while the outside stays cool

Cost effective

  • Cooking to order reduces waste
  • Latest catalyst technology eliminates grease and reduces cook odours, avoiding the need for separate extraction and ventilation systems
  • Minimise lifetime operational costs
  • Now available on energy efficient standby mode
  • Reduced installation cost – with plug & play capability
  • Reduced training times – with icon-driven controls
  • Easy to clean
  • In built diagnostics avoids unnecessary service calls