Finance product options

Finance Lease

It allows you to immediately use the equipment and doesn’t require you to make a large deposit. The product is tailored to suit individual needs. You can lower the monthly payments by applying a residual to the lease, with end-of-term options including an offer to purchase and payout the residual, refinance the residual value, or upgrade to new goods.

Chattel Mortgage

It is structured to maximise the taxation benefits of financing a new product. With the option of making a deposit, you get advanced funds to take ownership of the equipment at the time of purchase. With ownership comes the tax benefits of being able to claim the depreciation of the asset, the interest component of the loan, and the GST portion on your next BAS.


Commercial Hire Purchase

It provides you with the flexibility to choose the amount you wish to finance and place a balloon value at the final instalment over the length of term, therefore tailoring the repayments it suit your budget. Full ownership of the equipment is transferred to you at the end of the contract. Tax deductions can still be gained from the depreciation of the asset as well as the interest component of the loan repayment during the contract.