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Washtech and 
Wexiödisk have a well-earned reputation for offering commercial dishwashing solutions, with an extensive range to engage all sorts of requirements. Featured models in the range are more suitable for clients needing a smaller footprint, some models are better suited for areas with higher wash volume requirements, others offer water purity for remote areas around Australia, even polish free technology for A-la Carte and other food service industries and much more.

Polish Free Glasswashers

Introducing Wexiödisk's WD-4RO. Combined with the BA18-R0 Reverse Osmosis Filter, this system will achieve a higher grade of water filtration producing significant labour saving benfits to reduce manual polishing on crockery, dishware and expensive glassware.

he BA18-R0 Reverse Osmosis System is a water filtration device that uses applied pressure to purify the tap water by removing impurities before passing through the dishwashing unit. The result, little or no particles and germs are floating around in the wash water, which essentially cleans the objects with bacteria free water and when they dry and even shine will glaze over that expensive glassware or crockery. A real solution that saves our customers time and money. Click on the product below to find out more.

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