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Flight Dishwashers

Wexiodisk WD-B 500 - Flight Type Dishwasher

Model Number
WD-B 500
W: 5250mm D: 1038mm H: 2020mm

Product Features
  • Capacity 2304 plates per hour standard, up to 3190 plates per hour depending on configuration
  • 160-210 litres per hour cold water consumption for normal final rinse
  • Condensate coil and heat exchanger to simultaneously reduce heat emissions and heat incoming cold water
  • Fully insulated doors and panels
  • Infeed includes pre-rinse zone - 1125mm
  • Steam hood
  • Chemical wash zone 1000mm
  • Double final rinse zone - 1120mm
  • Drying zone - 875mm
  • Outfeed - 1125mm
  • Upgrades and options are available, please contact Moffat