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Blue Seal Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Rethink. Redesign. Rebuild

How do you improve a reputation already grounded in performance and no-nonsense functionality?

Sleeker in design, and built to accommodate the demands of today's most passionate chef's, it promises even more performance than anything before it.

Blue Seal Evolution Series

A new era in kitchen equipment

Evolution – It's not just about good looks.

An expanded, more functional range of equipment offering more configuration options and blistering performance. Improved streamlining creates a continuous workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers from the confines of a small kitchen.

Blue Seal Evolution Series

Turn up the heat

Advanced Open Burner

Every chef could use a little more heat, so a new Advanced Open Burner has been designed to deliver just that – 28MJ of power to burn.

Blue Seal Evolution Series

Instruments of mass creation

A trio of Griddles.

The addition of 600, 900 and 1200mm dedicated Griddles offers new possibilities for customising your Blue Seal Evolution Series line-up. The mirror chrome surface option provides exceptional efficiency by trapping more heat onto the cooking surface.

Blue Seal Evolution Series

The Blue Seal Evolution Series is the culmination of a process in which the Blue Seal range has been completely re-designed.

The result is an expanded, more functional range of commercial kitchen equipment offering more 
configuration options and blistering performance. Improved streamlining creates a continuous 
workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while the 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, 
even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers from the confines of a small kitchen.
When it comes to selecting tops and bottoms, the Blue Seal Evolution Series offers a level of choice not seen before. With a bigger range of equipment, you have even more flexibility to configure your kitchen exactly the way you want it.


Blue Seal Evolution Series cooktops are about functionality and performance. If power to burn is what you need, the open top burners on the gas option deliver an impressive 28MJ of heat. A more uniform surface created by way of thicker,
heavy-duty vitreous enamel trivets with extended finger supports means you can slide smaller pots and pans around the cooktop without fear of tip-over.
Blue Seal Evolution series electric cooktops are the perfect commercial catering equipment solution because they deliver all the heat you could possibly need through 2.4kW radiant elements or optional 2kW solid plates.
Thanks to heavyweight iron castings and vitreous enamel finish, the Blue Seal Evolution Series of commercial cooktops are un-phased by the calibre of punishment dished out by chefs on a daily basis. Extended pot support fingers provide added stability for eliminating small pan tip-overs.
Blue Seal Evolution Series 28MJ advanced open burners give you more heat to play with so you can get the big jobs done faster.
From high to low heat/simmer, robust control knobs allow you to make subtle adjustments to get the heat setting just right. Made from cast iron for lasting performance, burners have a forged brass cap for consistent flame spread. A non-clogging design ensures optimum burner performance.
When the job requires a change of cooking surface, both gas and electric options can accommodate 300, 450, 600, 900 or 1200mm griddle plates, in smooth or ribbed machine-finished mild steel. Chunky controls allow precise adjustment across the entire heat spectrum, while clear;
non-fade markings and strengthened shaft sleeves make regular knob replacement a thing of the past.

Induction Cooktops

The Blue Seal Evolution Series range of induction cooktops utilise large 270mm induction zones that automatically detect various sized cooking pans. The cooking zone switches off when the pan is removed.
Each induction model is equipped with either two or four 5kW heavy-duty induction zones that have variable power controls for each cooking zone. The overall construction is a heavy-duty 6mm thick ceramic glass, enabling pans to glide across the cooking surface, combined with signature
Blue Seal Evolution welded 1.5mm stainless steel bull nose.
All induction cooktops are supplied with suite matching modular cabinet bases with doors and adjustable feet as standard, making it easier for our customers to mix and match a complete kitchen suite solution whatever the commercial kitchen equipment challenge may be.
The control design is a large control knob for each induction zone with a (green) indicator light including pan detection indication. Blue Seal Evolution induction cooktops offer the additional benefits of reduced energy consumption and lowering the amount of latent heat in the cooking area.

Oven Ranges

Whatever the scale of operation, Blue Seal Evolution Series oven ranges have a gas or electric option to suit. Gas options come equipped with our 28MJ open cooktop burners, while the electric versions offer a choice of heavy-duty 2.4kW radiant elements, or 2kW solid plates.
Within the commercial oven itself, cast iron sole plates ensure even heat distribution. Heavy-duty motors and circulation fans in the convection ovens reduce cooking times and enable food to be cooked at lower temperatures.

Target Tops

Blue Seal Evolution Series 900mm target tops come as stand-alone hobs, or with a choice of four base units – cabinet base, leg stand, refrigeration base, or oven base (static/convection, gas/electric).
A high output, dual ring cast-iron burner enables the super heavy-duty Target Top castings to deliver outstanding heat control and recovery.
A burner box lined with 50mm refractory ceramic blocks provides excellent thermal efficiency.


Blue Seal Evolution Series heavy-duty gas and electric griddles are available in 450, 600, 900 and 1200mm widths. Gas griddle ranges are available in 900 and 1200mm, with electric ovens (static or convection).
With solid and seamless weld construction all heavy-duty griddles have a standard 20mm plate for maximum heat retention and distribution. They are thermostatically controlled for accurate temperature setting, and are available in smooth or ribbed machine finished mild steel plate.
A mirror chrome surface option, also available as smooth or ribbed, minimises heat loss by trapping more heat on the cooking surface.


Griddle Toasters

The Blue Seal Evolution Series griddle toaster is a must-have addition to any operation requiring the simultaneous production of toasted and grilled food. One set of specially designed burners and stainless steel radiants performs two functions - cooking up top and grilling down below - without compromising cooking time or performance.
The burners heat the 16mm thick grill plate above them, while the radiants reflect heat to the toasting rack below.

Chargrills/ Barbecues

The sheer performance of the Blue Seal Evolution Series chargrills / barbecues is delivered through powerful stainless steel burners and radiants that generate maximum heat for sealing in meat flavours.
The grooved fin design and inclined position of the heavy-duty cast iron grates reduces flare by enabling grease to run off into a front collection channel. Drop-on 300 and 450mm griddle sections can also be interchanged with the grates.


Blue Seal Evolution Series gas and electric salamanders are versatile, easy to use and well equipped with performance features. They can be used for melting, grilling, gratinating and toasting.
Gas models feature energy efficient high-speed infra-red burners for fast results. The E91 electric model features powerful 3kW twin coil elements for optimum cooking performance. The E90 with self-balancing adjustable height features twin 1.8kW elements.
Both gas and electric options will accept a Gastronorm GN 1/1 tray. An optional branding plate is ideal for cooking fish or steak.

Deep Fryers

Blue Seal has long been recognised for the quality and performance of its deep fryers. The Blue Seal Evolution Series takes this a stage further with a sleeker, more streamlined deep fryer range – available in 450 or 600mm single or twin pan versions. Gas units feature Blue Seal’s unique Vee Ray technology, incorporating patented infra-red burners for industry leading frying output and recovery.
All commercial deep fryers within the range are available with either mechanical or digital controls. Digital control models offer precise temperature control, three product timers, as well as time and temperature digital display. Twin pan models have independent digital controls for each pan and six product timers.

Filtamax Filtration Systems

Filtamax filtration systems are the ideal companion for Blue Seal Evolution Series deep fryers because it enhances flavours by removing particles from the oil that would otherwise burn and taint the food.
Filtamax works with premium vegetable oils and shortenings, extending the life of your oil and reducing the costs of replacement. It’s easy to use - taking just 10 minutes to drain, filter and refill a 26-litre tank. When not in use, it tucks away neatly under your deep fryer.

Bratt Pans

Big on performance, the Blue Seal Evolution Series range of tilting bratt pans have been expanded to include 80 litre (900mm wide) and 120 litre (1200mm wide) options in gas or electric. Designed for convenient high capacity batch cooking, all models offer manual or electric pan tilting for easy portion control. Easy clean, easy service and superb finishing make the bratt pan a welcome addition to any Blue Seal Evolution Series kitchen.

Pasta Cookers

The Blue Seal Evolution Series Pasta Cookers are built for speed. Fully modular, and featuring a unique pan design, it comes well equipped for the continuous production of perfect pasta.
From variable high boil to standby simmer our patented infrared burner system in gas, or powerful elements in electric, maintains constant water temperature and enables faster turnaround of product through outstanding recovery times from low heat settings. The standard provision of four baskets allows four different pastas to be cooked at the same time.

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