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Burlodge RTS


Burlodge's range of rethermalised food counters, distribution carts and multi-purpose trolleys offer its clients confidence and consistent results at mealtimes. These innovative bulk meal solutions accommodate all cook-serve, hot-line and cook-chill applications in the institutional foodservice industry.

Hospitals, schools, healthcare, age care and correctional facilities all benefited from Burlodge's expertise in streamlining operations that enhance the efficiency of different food distribution systems. The genuine innovation incorporating ergonomic elements into the products' design sets a new industry standard.

Be in the know, right now with BCloud


Stay connected to each cart and monitor performance during the meal delivering process thanks to the next generation HAACP monitoring and reporting system, BCloud. The cloud-based technology provides accessibility and security to real-time fleet management from a desktop/laptop. It compiled insightful information and centralises control to where it is required. BCloud offers speed and flexibility to operators with a user-friendly visual interface, which optimised the equipment and team performance as a whole.

Multigen - Designed to deliver

The Multigen is a multi-portion meal distribution cart series designed for cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze food service applications. Built with the stainless steel frame, the Multigen range is durable and combines performance with efficient solutions to day-to-day demands. The dual temperature oven supports both containers and pre-plated foods, delivering the perfect food texture, temperature and presentation.
Use the multifunction touchpad to manage heating cycle, BCloud HACCP control system, food probing and the cleaning cycle. The LCD clearly display the cycle in progress, the temperatures and the countdown timer. Cycle completion with an audible alarm and stay connected via BCloud, which provides real-time data over a WIFI or LAN connection.

The Multigen range is packed with ergonomic features that ensure manoeuvrability and responsiveness, such as placing the control panel at the operator's eye level and unique wheel placement and design.

Multigen 106 - the natural extension of your operation

With the efficient, user-friendly design, the Burlodge Multigen 106 range provides the next level intelligence to the multi-portion meal delivery cart system. Built with sophisticated engineering with a sturdy stainless steel frame construction, this range provides intuitive functionalities while interacts with the operator with great clarity. It is suitable for application such as cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze. 
Featuring a pictorial control panel interface, highly visible display and LED mode lighting, the Multigen 106 ensure vital information is communicated instantly. Food manager can connect to the delivery trolley over WIFI or LAN connection via the powerful cloud-based app, BCloud, or upload data via a USB key. It allows control and access to insightful data from the HAACP online monitoring system.
Regenerate different food products simultaneously thanks to the dural air convection oven technology. The colour-coded oven section is highly insulated to lower energy consumption. The smart steam evacuation design provides a way for the excess condensation to escape when the door opens. While the refrigerated section consists of a static cooling refrigeration system with colour-coded gaskets for optimum cooling and easy cleaning.
The Burlodge Multigen 106 range comes in different tray capacities to suit different bulk meal solutions.

RTS - Ready to serve at the right temperature

Nursing homes, aged care facilities and specialist healthcare hospitals can reap the rewards of the Burlodge RTS cook serve delivery system. These innovative ready-to-serve meal delivery carts are ideal for establishments where the majority of patients or residents require assistance with feeding.
To combat poor temperature control that compromises food, both the HL and CT RTS carts make use of a fixed divider wall to separate hot and cold foods on the tray. The heating and cooling continue as trays are removed and served, maintaining a consistent and controlled temperature throughout.

Burlodge's Ready To Serve Hot Line (HL RTS) is designed to handle high capacity hot-line tray preparation with on-board heating and cooling along with active temperature maintenance and meals transportation in both temperature simultaneously. The RTS HL incorporates leading technology in their design, which ensure efficiency, manoeuvrability and promotes safety during the meal delivery process. 
The Ready to Serve Carbon Tech (CT RTS) is a multi-purpose and lightweight meal delivery system suitable for cook-serve or regeneration. For hot meal assembly, the CT RTS has the built-in boosting capability so hot meals temperature are guaranteed while the active-chilling feature ensures the cold food stays cold for longer. In regeneration applications, the ready to serve trolley can be configured with single or double refrigeration for cold food holding before heating.

Optima RS - your best room service solution

The Optima RS is an innovative all-in-one solution with both heated and refrigerated meal delivery carts. It keeps meals (both hot and cold) temperatures during holding in the kitchen, transport and service. Simply use the electrical connection-to-kitchen-power to gain maximum heating and cooling capacity, load your trays, hold in the kitchen, and transport when ready to serve. There's also the option to plug the Optima RS in at patient ward service areas to maintain perfect temperatures.

B-Smart - experience the next-gen docking meal delivery system

B-Smart is an ingenious air-convected heated and refrigerated food distribution system made up of a one-dock-fits-all Station and an insulated tray transporting trolly, the Shuttle. While the Station is fitted with all the mechanical parts for the heating and refrigeration, the Shuttle is a durable yet lightweight meal tray transport trolley. The two are easily docked together with the magnetic catch and the Shuttle is released quickly with a simple touch of a button from the Station. They are both easily manoeuvrable with heavy-duty castors. The Shuttle tray capacity varies from 20 - 48 trays yet it still fits in the same docking Station.

Novaflex II

The Novaflex II is the most advanced single-tray meal distribution system across the institutional food service industry today. Suitable for both cook-serve and cook-chill applications, the Novaflex II incorporates technology and ergonomic functionality that better serves food to staff and consumers.

Features such as the easy-to-use electronic control panel and instant monitoring allow food professionals to personalise individual patient trays and deliver meals with optimum efficiency. Salads and chilled desserts on one side, warm bread and main meals on the other. With a two-in-one heating and chilling system this technology is unique to Burlodge and improves the capacity to provide better service in an array of institutions.

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