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Clean water is essential for life, but one in eight of the world’s population does not have access to it. Wexiödisk has developed a range of dishwashing solutions with one aspect in mind: to create the world’s best dishwashers to affect our people and our environment.

Commercial Dishwasher

Ever since it opened for business it has focused on offering the food service sector the absolute best in dishwashing. The range includes passthrough dishwashers, rack conveyors, flight type dishwashers, tray dishwashers, trolley washers, tray and cutlery washers, combi dishwashers and pot washers with granule technology.

Clean water is essential for life, but one in eight of the world’s population does not have access to it. Founded in 1972, Wexiodisk has developed a range of dishwashing solutions with one aspect in mind: to create the world’s best dishwashers to affect our people and our environment.
Dishwashers consume large amounts of energy, water and chemicals. So in recent years, Wexiodisk has concentrated on the development of several new and unique products – ICS+ and DUPLUS are the names of two patented principles that provide exceptionally reduced environmental impact and considerable lower operating costs.

DUPLUS: Patented double final-rinse technology

Wexiodisk is the first in the world to introduce the double-final rinse technology for DUPLUS passthrough dishwasher. Our patented means that the rinsing process uses considerable less fresh water than traditional final rinsing systems. The DUPLUS technology uses only one litre of fresh water per cycle and is achieved by recirculating water from the previous washing cycle in the first rinsing phase. In the second rinsing phase, the machine uses fresh water at a temperature of 85-90C. The rinse water from the second phase is
collected to be used for the next washing cycle.

ICS+ : Intelligent Control System

The ingenious Intelligent Control System (ICS+) in our rack conveyors results in exceptionally low operating costs and a significantly reduced environmental impact.
ICS+ comprises of three main features:
  • 1. Empty Space Elimination (ESE) - A unique control system eliminates the empty space normally found between the baskets while they are being washed in the machine.
  • 2. Constant Rinse Time (CRT) - With CRT the time and the amount of energy and water needed for the final rinse does not depend on the contact time selected. Normally only around 1-1.4 litres of rinsing water are used per basket.
  • 3. Double Transport System (DTS) - ICS+ is equipped with DTS – a unique double feed system that feeds the baskets at an even speed to ensure optimum use of the rinsing water.

Wexiodisk focus their dishwashing solution development in providing reliable machines with low operating costs and a good working environment rather than a low purchase price - excellent cleaning results have always been seen as a matter of course.

Improved working conditions

We place a lot of emphasis on providing an ergonomically correct working environment for the user. Examples of this are easy to handle doors which provide good access, wash arms that are easily cleaned and strainers at the infeed and outfeed that can be removed for easy emptying. In addition, the efficient sound and heat insulation contributes to a good working environment in the dishwashing room.



Maximum hygiene

Wexiodisk ensures optimal hygienic wash results by monitoring and documenting the progress of your dishwasher. With an optional WEB Tool for passthrough, trolley & cutlery tray washers, information on temperature, cost, water and electricity consumption can be documented in order to satisfy all the applicable HACCP hygiene requirements, eliminating the need to keep a manual log and saving valuable time in the kitchen.


Wexiodisk rack conveyors and potwashers incorporates a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system to designate a number of critical control points for monitoring from a hygienic perspective. The critical control points form part of the machine’s control and alarm system for temperature and water flow, which can be displayed on the control panel.

Automatic cleaning program

At Wexiodisk, our dishwashers remain clean during washing. Cleverly positioned washing jets and rounded corners continually flush the tanks clear of any residue. These, combined with the correct dosage of chemicals, guarantee the minimum amount of time spent cleaning every Wexiodisk dishwasher.

Easy access, easy service

The well thought out position of components, something that for many years has distinguished Wexiodisk’s products, lives on. Most of the components are easily accessible and servicing can be carried out from the front of the machine. The electronics also allow a history log and service information to be displayed during maintenance work.

Dishwashing Installation by Moffat

Our new Dishwashing Installation Service by a trained service professional is available across Australian metro areas, installation costs are capped by the machine type per unit. The service includes unpacking, disconnecting the old machine, staff training and much more. For more information on this offer, contact us today.




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