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Pre-rinse Washers

Wexiodisk Pre-rinse Washers offer an efficient solution for any busy commercial kitchen by dramatically reducing resource capacity on tedious rinsing tasks and automating the process with a pre-rinse machine which work hard to rinse the dishes to remove stubborn stains on pots, pans, glasses, dishes and so much more before they are washed in the dishwasher.

Wexiodik offer Pre-rinse machines that are coupled with either a Passthrough Dishwasher or a Rack Conveyor.

  • Wexiodisk Dishwashing Equipment
    wexiodisk wd-prm60 - pre-rinse machine - straight installation

    Wexiodisk WD-PRM60 - Pre-Rinse Machine...

    Model Number
    W: 600
    D: 691
    H: 1432
  • Wexiodisk Dishwashing Equipment
    wexiodisk wd-prm90 - pre-rinse machine - corner installation

    Wexiodisk WD-PRM90 - Pre-Rinse Machine...

    Model Number
    W: 950
    D: 950
    H: 1413